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The BOH tea plantation

Tanah Rata, Pahang, Malaysia
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Our first stop on our Cameron Highlands tour was on the side of the BOH tea plantation, the largest in Malaysia, and we all gazed at the landscape of rolling green hills that extended into the horizon. It felt like we were back in Sri Lanka all over again. There’s something about tea fields that’s very calming and quietly beautiful.

Our guide gave us some time to take pictures and then explained the history of the company and the tea cultivation process. While we had heard this all before, it was interesting to note the differences from what we learned in Sri Lanka. Here in Cameron Highlands, tea leaves are collected using shears, instead of manually plucked. This explained why they looked a bit different than the Sri Lankan ones. Shear-cutting flattens all the tea plants to the same level, taking away the depth of various shades of green that transitions through the entire plant. That combined with the seemingly unidirectional orientation of the bushes made these tea plantations less attractive than the ones in Sri Lanka.
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