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The Animals at Sharpe Reservation

Fishkill, NY, United States
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As part of our visit with our camp group, we got to meet the animals at the Sharpe Reservation. That included Peggy the pig's week-old piglets, the very pregnant Shirley the cow, and donkeys, sheep, goats, chickens, turkeys, and the stars of the day - bees. We walked through the garden and learned about different pollinators and pollination, some of which was new to us grown-ups as well as to the kids (for instance! did you know that bumblebees practice something called "buzz pollination," that honeybees cannot do, which is the only way tomatoes get pollinated?? My mind was blown). The kids then got to play a pollination game in which they were different kinds of pollinators to see how many of them would survive the winter.
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For kids

SplashDown Beach
Definitely open to the public and great for kids on a hot day!

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Sharpe Reservation
Lovely place, though I am not sure it's open to the public.

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