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The American Line

Los Fresnos, TX, United States
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After walking the Mexican line at the Palo Alto Battlefield, I followed the paved pathway over to the American line. The Mexican Army marched North from the Rio Grande to this open prairie. The Americans marched south out of area of thickets to the north. The photograph that I have uploaded depicts some interpretive signage and an American Cannon.

This area of the battlefield allows visitors to see the battle from the American perspective. The Mexican line is visible to the south. Between the two lines is a broad expanse of grassland marked with some cactus and other subtropical plants. Both sides had clear views of each other, and could easily launch cannonballs across the battlefield. Due to the superior firepower of the American cannons, the Mexican Army was defeated here and was forced to retreat to the thickets along the Resaca De La Palma.
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