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The 1400 (Or So) Year Old Colonel

Guerneville, CA, United States
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Walking along in the shade of majestic redwoods is a true delight, and the Armstrong Redwoods State Natural Reserve is a perfect place to do it. We were able to visit a few of their more famous trees (including Colonel Armstrong, who is around 1400 years old with a diameter of 14.6 feet, and the Parson Jones Tree, who measures over 310 feet in height), and a beautiful little waterfall as we completed a couple of the park’s many hikes. We arrived nice and early, so the park was actually very quiet, which made the experience all the better. Crowds did start to pick up as the day went on, but the morning was incredibly peaceful. I was quite glad that I had my jacket with me as it was a bit cool in the shade, but I quickly lost the extra layer as we moved onto the elevated East Ridge Trail. Great place to visit. You can also park outside the gates and walk in. We opted to pay the small entrance fee and park a little closer to one of the trailheads we wanted to use.
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