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Terrific Farmer's Market Adventure

Wilmington, DE, United States
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Barclaycard, as an organization, does an amazing job of encouraging, rewarding and organizing volunteer projects for its employees. One of the volunteer projects I'm involved in is mentoring 8th graders at the East Side Charter School in Wilmington, DE. We created a fun 'Shark Tank' style project for the students to 'build' their own business and ask for a 'loan' from Barclaycard to get started. Part of requesting the loan involves preparation to learn about how businesses are started, profit and losses, marketing costs, etc. Part of our brainstorm process involved visiting Booth's Corner Farmer's Market in Garnet Valley. As students walk around the Farmer's Market, they observe how the small businesses and food vendors market and promote their different products. The market is truly an amazing site! A perfect place to grab some artisan cheeses, specialty meats, fresh produce, the most delicious donuts, yummy pies, and the most amazing bacon, egg and cheese sandwiches! If you're ever in the area, you have to check out all the specialty products there! (Next phase for the "Shark Tank" presentation includes building/buying their products and creating their own 'booth' in the Barclaycard lobby and selling their goods to Barclaycard employees. Our 'Market Day' will be later in May and all kids get to keep their profits (which is something they always love!)
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Wilmington Rowing Center
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Jimmy John's
And, if you're in this area and looking for a great hot dog, Jimmy John's is the best and their train set up in the restaurant makes it a great place to bring the kids!


Booth's Corner Farmers Market
Delicious place to stock up on wonderful treats!

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by merylcanter1


This is such a great idea! Fun for the kids and a wonderful project for you and Barclays!