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Tattooed Mom Restaurant

Philadelphia, PA, United States
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Just around the corner from the Liberty Bell is Tattooed Mom. This is a fun place to stop for lunch or dinner. They also do weekend brunch. They apparently have an upstairs with pool tables. We did not notice until leaving. Service was very slow. Food was good though and some interesting items on the menu. They do also have vegan/vegetarian options. We tried the Pickled Fried Chicken sandwich, and a honey siracha fried chicken wrap. Also tried the Whisky Carnival which was served over cotton candy. Fun place! They even put little toys out on the table. Like plastic tops and rings as well as lollipops.
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Tattooed Mom
So fun, Signature drinks with fun names and combinations like cotton candy and pop rocks. Food is reasonable price. Prepare to spend a few hours though as service was slow when we went. Very laid back atmosphere. Couches, chairs, wall nooks, and normal tables.

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