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Tashkent Tower!

Irkin, Tashkent Region, Uzbekistan
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My Uzbek friend and I were on the mission to get some local food he wanted me to try. On our way went to the Tashkent Tower first. This is one of the most iconic structures in the Tashkent city. I was amazed when I found out it is the eleventh tallest tower in the world. This steel structure also holds the title of the second tallest structure in the Central Asian region. The tower is for radio and tv transmission purposes and this icon is built in 1985. Visitors can also check out the observation deck about 318 ft high. Check this out when you get a chance to explore the capital Tashkent.
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Culture and experiences

White Mosque
The White Mosque is tashkent is beautiful! Can be busy at night when locals like to walk around here.


Uzbekistan Hotel
The hotel is centrally located and it is an attraction of its own.

Points of interest

This Central Asian country is definitely filled with a rich history and diverse landscapes.
Uzbekistan Airways National Air Company
Uzbekistan Airways is a great choice when flying around the country.
Tashkent Tower
Very iconic and historic part of the capital city. It is close to the Uzbekistan Hotel.
Tashkent the busy capital of Uzbekistan is a very interesting destination. make sure to check out all of the cultural places it has to offer.


Plov Center
My Uzbek friend recommended this place to me and I'm glad he did because the plov was delicious!
Yapona Mama
Yapona Mama hit the spot when my friend and I were craving sushi.


The Tashkent Bazaar is busy rain or shine. Got some yummy local snacks here on my last day.
Chorsu Market
The Chorsu Market was fun! Went here on my last day in the city.

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