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Lenox, MA, United States
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Tanglewood is a great outdoor music venue that hosts a variety of mostly classical music concerts in the summer and early-fall. It is the summer home of the Boston Symphony Orchestra and is also well known for being one of the favorite venues of James Taylor. More modern acts have included Lady Gaga with Tony Bennet, James Taylor, Norah Jones, and Train.
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This venue includes the Shed for larger events and Ozawa hall which hosts smaller events.


Chocolate Springs Cafe
Take a trip a little out of the center of town for some of the best chocolate you've had in a while!
Church Street Cafe
This is actually one of my parents' favorite restaurant. Check it out before a concert!


Shooz 44
This is one of my favorite shops. Has great shoes and accessories!

Special activities

Stockbridge Bowl
You can see this lake from Tanglewood. It is part of the Josh Billings race course and hosts a summer camp for kids.

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