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Tailgate Brewery - East

Tennessee, TN, United States
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Continuing our father - daughter weekend saga, as most dads will recognize, somehow mysteriously I was steered to a shopping mall under the guise of "a good place to walk off some of the vegetarian food" to prepare for some brewery quality time. So we hit the super crowded Opry Mills shopping mall for a few miles of said walking, before I was able to make my escape so we could head to our first stop at Tailgate Brewery. We ended up in the less crowded East Nashville location and the place has a typical warm and inviting brewery atmosphere, with all the tap selections up on a colored chalk blackboard. The selection was somewhat IPA heavy, which is not my thing, but they did have a decent porter to enjoy along with some super fiery sriracha chips which will definitely have you order more to put out the fire. Good for a quick stop to see what was going on as we had never visited there, and had a super friendly bartender / server person so it was a pretty cool place to hang out at the bar. Lots of families and suburbanites as my hipster radar daughter pointed out, that were on a field trip into hipsterish East Nashville so that was interesting to observe as well. Probably won't go back due to the beer selection, but if you're more of the IPA persuasion, I'd definitely recommend a stop!
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