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Switzy: More adventures in the land of cheese

Rigi Kaltbad, 6356 Weggis, Switzerland
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I had no real agenda going into Switzerland, I knew I wanted to see Lake Geneva, Basel, Lucerne and Matterhorn… but beyond that, I was up for whatever – I just told my friend who lives in Basel – “Let’s go to places you haven’t been before if/when possible.” While the highlights of Switzerland definitely include the stops below (Interlaken, Lucerne, Basel and Zermatt/Matterhorn).. we did a few things she hadn’t done just yet. First and foremost, a ferry ride to Mt. Rigi. GAME ON. I really didn’t care WHAT we did exactly… I wanted good food, good company and SWISS life. We got that and then some… whoop, whooop!

Luckily, as you can see, we had pretty spectacular weather the whole week I was there. For the most part, not a single cloud in the sky! Crazy, blue skies. I think for the first time all year I haven’t religiously stalked the weather. (Note: Any one in the photography business can understand what I mean here. I roll out of bed every day/weekend trying to decide if 30% chance of rain will crush my shoots or not – its a vicious cycle that I often don’t win). But nonetheless, I just rolled with it and the weather worked out perfectly.

On our 3 hour trip/train ride from Wengen up to Basel (where Nola and Christian live), we stopped in Interlaken so that we could break up the ride and to experience THIS city and do fun interlakeningy things! A boaaaaat ride sounded fabulous. You get to see a lot, all whilst taking in the views… all while NOT hiking. HA. I love a good hike, but a day off was a nice [needed] change of pace for me.

We walked around town for about an hour while we waited to for the ferry to come back. It’s very pretty and stunning and the blue water is INSANE. But it was most definitely nice to sit back and just enjoy the view!

All in all it was a wonderful hour and a half boat ride to a cute little town – where we had lunch (FWIW: EVERY single meal I ate in Switzerland was beyond delicious. However, I ate more bread and pasta in this week than I have all year. Eeks). After lunch, we grabbed the next train back to Interlaken (30 minute train ride along the lake) and raced to get our suitcases out of lockers and onto the train to Basel. In under 5 minutes, I might add. We ROCKED short changeovers like no one else. #tuathletes #awesomesauce

The next morning we took off to Lucerne, a city that Nola had been to a few other times, but I heard (and googled) it’s amazingness. Oh and is it ever… I mean, you hear about this place and you know it’s gonna be crazy beautiful. But c’mon, it’s just stunning. GAH! We only spent about an hour walking around here before we hopped on the boat/ferry to take us over to Mt. Rigi, so we could do some hiking and picture taking above the clouds.

We were sooooo sweaty from our four hour hike that I half debated jumping in here and just air drying while we waited for the next ferry back to Lucerne. However, for the first time all trip, I decided I was ready to have a drink. (No, seriously – the ambien after-effects made me NEVER want to drink again.). So we sat lakeside, ordered up a few mojitos and gasped (again) and the crazy beautiful views.

So after a night/quick pitstop back in Basel (yay for having a home base) and we were off again the next afternoon to Zermatt to check out the Matterhorn! Once again, Nola and Christian have skied here, but hadn’t been back for summer weather yet. Honestly, I am a bit terrified of skiing in a place like this – the hills are so flipping steep! But hey, they are rockstars with ZERO fear, so all the power to them.

I am happy to report that with the iffy weather all day (slightly overcast), we were able to actually SEE the Matterhorn. Absolutely breathtaking….I can also admit that my pictures of it look straight up fake. They are not. We did some walking and got as close as we could before turning back to grab some grub. More Rosti (my favorite Swiss dish) – which is basically ham, hash-browns, cheese and eggs… aka breakfast for dinner. Buuut BETTER.

Ughhhh so that is it… By the time we wrapped up this hike, I was feeling pretty terrible (as was Christian) – so we decided to grab dinner in Zermatt and hop on the train back to Basel. We got back late and I quickly packed, jumped in bed and headed out in the early morning. I flew Air Swiss home and enjoyed 4 movies and a little bit of naptime. In order to beat my cold and jetlag, I was able to stay awake as late as 5 pm upon my return… but I made it. A week that, in the moment, went by savorily slow… but all too fast at the very same time. I am sure there is a lot I left out or didn’t capture, but I think the pictures that I have shared tell it all… Switzerland is beautiful and I was very happy to be there. <3
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