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Swimming with Dolphins

Orlando, FL, United States
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Swimming with Dolphins is a popular thing to do when traveling to Florida. I have never had a desire to do it, but I have seen many people post pictures on Facebook posing with Dolphins. On one of our trips to Florida, we let our kids try it. There were only a few options available in Orlando: Sea World, Discovery Cove and for a more in depth experience, Florida Dolphin Tours. Our kids loved it, but it is a bit spendy. It’s probably something we won’t do again, but was fun for them to experience and fun for us to watch.
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Florida Dolphin Tours
If you really want an in depth experience with Dolphins -- something more than a short swim with the dolphins -- this is the place to check out.
Discovery Cove Way
Discovery Cove Way
This is where my kids swam with the Dolphins. They have a really nice set up here and put on a good show, however, you have to pay an additional fee for the experience.
Sea World Drive
Swimming with Dolphins is an option at Sea World in Orlando. If you go to Discovery Cove, you get free admission to Sea World, however we never made it there.

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