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Sweet Charleston

Charleston, SC, USA
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My family drives up to Canada every year from Florida, so we stop in cool places along the way to break up the drive. This year, we stopped in Charleston! On our first night, we walked around downtown and enjoyed dinner at 39 Rue de Jean. I even got my mom to like dessert wine! The next morning, we had a good southern breakfast (biscuits, gravy, and every breakfast meat imaginable). We started our morning with a walking tour about Charleston's role in the Civil War, then ran over to the docks for a ferry ride to Ft. Sumter. The weather was hot and balmy, not so different from our native Florida. Overall, it was a lovely two day trip to Charleston, and I hope to return with my boyfriend next time!
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39 Rue De Jean
Everything on the menu is lovely! French food with a southern twist, plus sushi (I don't really get that). Loved the creme brulee and dessert wine pairing.

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Lowcountry Walking Tours
Bill was fantastic! We learned a lot about Charleston's role in the Civil War, and he had a lot of background information to back everything up. Very knowledgeable about his topic because he's spent a lot of time researching it. MUST GO!

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