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Sutro Baths

San Francisco, CA 94121, USA
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Sutro Baths is a very cool San Francisco location. No, no, it is no longer an actual public bath. If you want to see what it looked like in days gone past, you can look it up online to see some great photos. But, long ago that era was lost. Since then, all it has become is place that is in the mode of continual deterioration and reclamation by the sea. But, that it is not a bad thing! Visually, it is very cool! To get here, you simply follow Geary St. to its end. When you see the ocean, look to your right, and there you are. There is street parking, when available. There is also a large lot above the Sutro Baths and one across the street. Note: If you come here midday on a weekend, all of the parking spaces may be filled. Keep that in mind. But, at other times, parking is usually not too much of a problem. Mostly, this is a great space to think about what it must have been like in times gone past and to get a great, closeup view of the ocean. It is also a nice little hike up and down the hill, so you will get a bit of a workout if you visit this location.
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