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Surf is up

Lorne, VIC, Australia
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Lorne is a seaside town on the Great Ocean Road. When we got there, we experienced at first some sort of culture shock. We were used to quiet, nature and lonely walks and Lorne is a town packed with teenagers (and young adults) that like to party (think spring break in the U.S.). Once you are over the noise and traffic issue, you will find this town quite attractive. The bay has a stunning beach, the surf is high (great for watching or surfing) and the surroundings are fantastic. As can be expected, there are tons of bars and restaurants in town.
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Culture and experiences

Great Ocean Road
Explore the Great Ocean Road, one of the most scenic roads in Australia


Stay at one of the B&B's that are higher up the hill and away from the main street. Much quieter and a better view of the bay!

Points of interest

Great Ocean Road
check out the Memorial Arch at the entrance to the Great Ocean Road. It is dedicated to returned soldiers from WWI.

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