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Sunset on the Acropolis--remember to bring water!

Athens, Attica, Greece
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A trip to Athens is not complete without a trip to the Acropolis. The Acropolis lacks (refreshingly) the trappings of typical tourist sights. No souvenir stands, but more importantly, no refreshment stands. We went in August; it was HOT. We did not buy water before climbing to the top, thinking we could pick some up there. Your ticket to the Acropolis is good for one visit, we arrived at 6 and it closed at 8 so we wanted to spend the entire two hours up there as the sunset was amazing. We finally purchased water from a shop on the way down. Water never tasted so good! All bottled water in Athens seems to be .50E but I would happily paid 10 times that!
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Monastiraki Metro Station
The square by this metro stop is lively and near lots of cheap eateries.


Hotel Grande Bretagne
Beautiful hotel. Will be staying here on my next visit to Athens.
Fresh Hotel Athens
Great (cheap) hotel near most of the attractions. Good rooftop view and pool.

Points of interest

Hadrian's Library
It is worth walking by on the way to the Acropolis.
Areopagus Hill (Mars Hill)
Biblical site and offers great views of Acropolis. Lots of tourists.
Roman Agora
Near the Acropolis. Really need a tour to understand what your looking at.
Acropolis Museum
A great museum. I recommend visiting after a visit to Acropolis for context.
Acropolis of Athens
A must see when visiting Athens. Spend at least two hours.

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