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Sunflowers: the sea of gold

Glyndon, MN, United States
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Usually in early August the sunflowers start to bloom along a stretch of road I frequent during the summer. This photo was taken last year and I look forward to this years crop. More than 85% of the US Crop is grown in Minnesota, North Dakota and South Dakota. This photo was taken in Minnesota near Glyndon. Unfortunately the bloom doesn’t last long. The beautiful sea of gold only lasts a few weeks. There are several opportunities to see sunflowers while driving throughout the state. Search up sunflower fields near me and go for a drive in late July and early August. While most of the sunflowers are in the three states I mentioned, there are fields in other states too. They are gorgeous!
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South Dakota
South Dakota produced the most sunflowers in 2018 at almost a million pounds.
North Dakota
North Dakota is the second largest producer of sunflowers. Most of the crops are concentrated in the center strip of the state.
Minnesota is the third largest producer. This photo was taken near Glyndon, MN.

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