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Summer is Coming -Vermont Style!

Vermont, VT, United States
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Now that Game of Thrones is finally finished I can enjoy my Sunday nights elsewhere in the world. Specifically the watering holes of Vermont. There is no shortage of stunning places to hop into some crisp and wildly clear water. Find some time and enjoy them this summer!

-Triple Buckets: My absolute personal favorite. Lot’s of room for everyone and only a 25 minute drive from Burlington Vermont. Its just down the dirt road from the popular Huntington Gorge. Be sure not to jump in at the gorge as it is not safe.
-Warren Falls: While not my favorite it is a Vermont favorite. Get ready to meet the locals-Bristol Falls: This is an easy find and always packed! Just punch in Bristol Falls into your GPS and you’ll know you’re there by the cars parked on the roadside.
-Lake Willoughby: The Vermont equivalent to Lake Como. Absolutely stunning no matter where on the lake you are. You can see to the bottom in 30 feet of water! Make sure to check out all the local hikes, and be sure to take some food as there aren’t many places open. (There is also a nude beach here so be prepared to see some bums and don’t stare!)
-Bingham Falls: A Stowe beauty! Make sure you don’t mind the 1 mile hike and that you’re a strong swimmer.
-Old Mary’s: This one is a bit confusing as it has MANY names and nobody seems to know exactly what its called. Another popular name for it is Cady Falls. But we all know Old Mary’s is off of Stagecoach road just outside of Stowe, Vermont, stagecoach road is about 3 miles long, and the parking is about 2 miles once you turn on. The swimming hole and falls are half a mile in from the road where you park, just follow the path or the river and you can’t miss it.
-The quarries in Rutland: There are at least 3 old marble quarries in Rutland, McCormacks Quarry, Marble Street Quarry, No Name Quarry. All mapped on GPS!

A quick word to the wise, ALWAYS ensure you are parked properly and look-out for the signs. Police officers in the area are quick to tow cars that an Ambulance or Firetruck cannot pass in case of emergency. Be a good civic minded person; park safely and remove your trash!
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Points of interest

Warren Falls
You can't miss the parking lot, take some water shoes for added protection.
Bristol Falls
Make sure you're brave enough to make some of the jumps, but be safe!
Stagecoach Road
Stagecoach Road
When driving away from Stowe on Stagecoach road there is a slight pull off on the left side of the road for Cady/Mary's falls. Drive slow!
Lake Willoughby
Lake Willoughby
A bit of a drive but absolutely worth it should you have the time!
Triple Buckets
Triple Buckets
Absolutely beautiful, deep enough to hop in from any of the surrounding rocks.


Hatchet Tap and Table
After all those dips into the water and days in the sun, stop off at Hatchet on the way home.

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