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Summer in London

London, England, United Kingdom
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I studied abroad in London. I made sure to go during the summer months, because I'm not a huge fan of the cold. If you ever travel to London during June, brace yourself, it will STILL be cold!!! I needed a jacket and long pants well into June. However, once you get into July, it becomes pretty steamy. I was looking forward to actually getting to experience London during the warmer weather. Sounds great, right? BUT, because London (most places in Europe, actually) are not very hot year-round, there is NO CENTRAL AIR. You have to rely on fans to keep you cool. Literally, there's very few places that have AC. Not even the Houses of Parliament where I interned had it.
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Kings Cross
Central Hub of trains. if you're a harry potter fan, you can also get a picture with the carriage on platform nine and three quarters!

Bars and nightlife

Piccadilly Circus
this is the central node of night life. You will need to book previous entry to many of them, though, but it's not hard to do.
Notting Hill Arts Club
If you want a place to go where you can get some real, legit absinthe, this is the place.

Culture and experiences

Trafalgar Street
This is where a lot of the public museums are situated, like the National Portrait Gallery and such. AND they're all free!
Buckingham Palace Road
the palace itself isn't that beautiful of a sight to behold, but its significance is still worth a visit. Good luck trying to go during the changing of the guard, though.


London Stadium
they've transformed this into a concert venue, it's crazy that it's right in the middle of the city!
The Piccadilly London West End
Okay so when you go to see a show on the west end, it's customary to get ice cream as a treat during the intermission!
Shakespeare's Globe
So cool to stop in and see a play here. Theyve really stayed true to it's original design when rebuilding it after it was burned down.
Platform 9¾
This is located inside of King's Cross station. It's so cute and fun for HP fans to check out!

For kids

The Sherlock Holmes Museum
It's cute how they actually have a place where you can tour the fictional home of Sherlock Holmes. Be ready to wait in a long line.

Points of interest

10 Downing St
This is where the Prime Minister of the UK lives.
Tower Bridge
located right next to the Tower of London, which is what gives it its name.
Tower of London
This is place is famous for two things: being the location of the Crown Jewels, and where all the old torture chambers are located.
Princess Diana Memorial Fountain
The fountain is located within Hyde Park. It's a really beautiful place. It's very interactive, kids are always playing in the water, and you can dip your toes in. Really great tribute to her memory.
Hyde Park
The park is beautiful. So many stops within it that are a must-visit.
River Thames
A lot of the best places in London are located along the river, including the London eye, Parliament, and lots of fun markets. Definitely worth a walk down the bank.
Westminster Abbey (Stop X)
the Abbey was connected to the Houses of Parliament. Breathtaking place to visit.
Houses of Parliament
So i interned here, and it was a BEAUTIFUL building. very old and historic, but kept up very well.
Big Ben
Really a beautiful sight. Only VIPs are allowed access inside for a tour, though.
Millennium Drive
Millennium Bridge has turned into a sort of tourist attraction since it was so prominently featured in the Harry Potter movies.
St. Paul's Cathedral
Beautiful historic site. I believe Princess Diana was married here.


Harrod's isn't really a practical place to shop. Everything is so expensive, BUT it's famous for the place where Princess Diana's ring is held.
Primark Oxford Street East
If you go to London and don't shop at Primark, you will have made a HUGE mistake. Super cute and cheap stuff. It's a shopper on a budget's paradise.

Special activities

London Eye
So a lot of times, these touristy attractions are overrated, but in this case, the view from the eye was incredible. Not a better view out there. Worth the ride.


Stadium Street
The stadium was only a mile away from where I lived, tucked into the neighborhood of Chelsea!

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