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Stunning Temples of Abu Simbel in Egypt

Abu Simbel, Qesm Al Wahat Al Khargah, New Valley Governorate, Egypt
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One of my favorite spots in Egypt is Abu Simbel. It takes a heck of a long time to get there (18 hours by very slow train from Cairo to Aswan, then a 4.5 hour shared taxi ride from downtown Aswan), but when you get there you are really in for something special.The one and only destination in Abu Simbel are the temples and mammoth statues out front. At appx. 75 feet high, they are breathtaking. Inside the temple you'll find a number of exquisite carvings and paintings which are very well preserved for something thousands of years old.

If you can make it down to southern Egypt, you're in for a once in a lifetime experience!
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