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Stumbling Upon Beached Ballyhoo

Manalapan, FL, United States
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Taking a leisurely stroll along the beach is one of our favorite things to do. The warmth of the ocean breezes and the smell of the salt in the air is both refreshing and relaxing. On this particular occasion, we decided to take a late evening stroll, and in one area of our walk we came across a smattering of these dead fish, which research indicates is a Ballyhoo. Come to find out, these are popularly used as bait fish by fishermen. They typically do not exceed 35 cm in length, though this one was about a third of that. It is unknown whether this fish jumped ashore in fear from a predator (as these fish do a jumping/skipping behavior to escape predators) or if this was a fisherman’s bait that was left on the shore or perhaps washed up from a fisherman’s boat. We found the fish’s appearance to be unique, given its elongated “beak.”
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