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Streets Of Koblenz

Koblenz, RP, Germany
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We wasted no time in heading out for our first big excursion in Europe, hopping the train to Koblenz to board one of the KD line ships that do Rhine River cruises up and down the river. At that time the KD ship cruises were included in the Eurailpass, so it was a no brainer and the ship timetables were in the trusty Thomas Cook train timetables as well. A big thing we weren't aware of is that the Rhine flows north in this area, so riding the boats from Koblenz down to Rudesheim takes quite a bit more time than the opposite direction with the current. But we were in no particular hurry, and enjoyed strolling around the streets of Koblenz while we made our way to the docks to catch a boat. Koblenz is located where the Rhine joins the Moselle and is a good starting point (or better ending point) for a Rhine river day cruise. Over 2000 years old, it was first established as a Roman military posts. We didn't have time to fully appreciate it that day, but did go back another day, to see the many historical buildings including it's impressive castle fortress and basilica of St. Castor.
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