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Stormy Beach

Tulum, Q.R., Mexico
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While visiting Tulum, Qunitana Roo, Mexico, we were able to spend a goodly amount of time on the beach. The weather was gorgeous and we rented a cabana on the beach. The property offered a public grilling area and a nice beach. To be honest, it was great to get a rustic, outdoor experience while in Mexico. While the hotels offer great amenities, the cabana offered a gorgeous, uncrowded, and uncommercialized beach on the Caribbean.

During a swim in the sea, a storm started brewing over the water. It was fun to watch the clouds form and feel the sudden drop in temperature. The sea, which had been tranquil suddenly became choppy. We got out of the water as we noticed that the rip currents were becoming stronger. As we retreated to the safety of the beach, we got to marvel at the rapid formation of this system. We figured that perhaps there might be a Tropical Depression forming, but the next day the weather was nice and sunny again. Life on the Caribbean is beautiful - rain or shine!
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