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Stepping Stones Museum For Children - Kids Loved It!

Norwalk, CT, United States
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we were quite pleased to hear about Stepping Stones Museum. Actually, it's more like one of those corporate play centers with a heavy scientific lean than a museum. But grammar aside, Stepping Stones is simply a place where you little one can run amok during inclement weather while learning about how the world works, honing motor skills, making new pals, and getting in some good exercise.

Stepping Stones has a great variety of play areas for kids. For example, there's the "Energy Lab" which has a huge water circulator that kids can throw plastic balls in order to observe the power of water; "Build It" which is a mini construction site where kids can simulate putting up a structure (in a hard hat and reflective work vest no less), and "Tot Town" which has all sorts of small scale play areas for those under 2, and an even smaller area for kids just taking their first steps.

Some tips for potential visitors. I would advise bringing your own food if you plan to have lunch because the cafe there has really poor options. It's mostly french fries, chicken fingers, and hot dogs, though they did have a great selection of fresh fruit. Also, they don't allow strollers in the museum, so you should bring a baby carrier for little ones if you don't want to schlep them around in your arms all day. Finally, admission is $15 per adult/kid over 1, so it can be pretty pricey for a family with a few kids. However, they offer a $155 (I think) membership for the year. That can be a nice economical option if you plan to go a few times.
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