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Statue of young Léon Trulin

59800 Lille, France
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In the heart of the historic downtown of Lille in northern France, there is a fairly young and pale life-size statue of a young man. This is statue of Léon Trulin. The statue is not the only memorial for young Léon in Lille as the street name right next to the statue is Rue Léon Trulin. This young man was a Belgian spy during the first World War and he was executed by German military authorities at the age of 18. The reason why a Belgian young man is honored in this French city of Lille is that he moved to Lille from Belgium just before the World War I broke out. Then, he volunteered for Belgian army, but selected as a spy and captured. He showed his valor and his last word was quite moving "I die for my country and without regrets. Simply I am very sad for my dear mother and my brothers and sisters who will suffer from this fate without being guilty."
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