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Star Wars Everywhere

Bay Lake, FL, United States
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When we first visited Disney-MGM Studios in Florida long time ago, there was only one Star Wars ride. When Disney bought Lucasfilm, Star Wars film productions were greatly accelerated. Even though our family was the fan of the first 6 Star Wars movies, we lost the count after movie #7. Recently when we revisited Disney's Hollywood Studios, Star Wars theme and characters were everywhere. It seemed that half of the park was for Star Wars. That may be a good thing for die-hard Star Wars fans like Sheldon Cooper and his gangs. However, we were looking forward to other great Disney movies as well. My teenager daughter plans to attend a national conference in Anaheim CA and she was excited to hear that Disneyland is located just across the street of Anaheim Convention Center. When she heard that a new Star Wars attraction – Galaxy’s Edge will be open there in May 2019, she was quite disappointed. My son always says, “I like fried chicken, but I can’t eat very meal.”
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Star Wars Launch Bay
A Star Wars themed walk through attraction for fans, including meeting the Star Wars characters and equipment.

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