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Stagecoach Trail

Foresthill, CA, United States
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Hiking the Stagecoach Trail is on my bucket list. The trail is located below the Foresthill Bridge in the Auburn State Recreation Area and travels along part of the North Fork of the American River before heading up into the hills. The Stagecoach Trail is 3.6 miles long and is rated as a moderate hiking trail. The trail gets quite a bit of foot traffic and the best times to hike is between April and October. The trail provides great views of the river and valley and of the Foresthill Bridge. As the comical sign says, rattlesnakes are active in the area so keep your eyes and ears open and if you bring a dog (must be on a leash at all times) keep the critter out of the bushes.
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Auburn State Recreation Area
Auburn State Recreation Area
This is a beautiful place to visit, you can hike, fish, swim or just find some shade and relax while listening to the river
Stagecoach Trail
Stagecoach Trail
This is a bucket list item. I believe that when I hike this tyrail I will do it in the cooler months

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