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St Pete Beach

Saint Petersburg, FL, United States
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A visit to the USA St Petersburg, Florida. After writing a few stories about the Russian version here is a little glimpse (just the beach) of the USA version. We traveled to Tampa for a short visit before a cruise and did a little exploring. We found ourselves at St Pete Beach. It was a beautiful December day so it was nice to walk along the sea shore and hunt for sea shells. I couldn't believe how many shells there were. It seemed like piles of shells all over the beach. Most were small but we did find some really nice ones. My wife has used some of them for decorating the guest bathroom. The second time we visited St Pete Beach (just my wife and I this time) there weren't many shells. I guess we got lucky the first trip.
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Saint Pete Beach
Saint Pete Beach
Nice calm water and a very quiet, well at least while we were there, beach to walk on.

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