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St. John, USVI – Sea Turtle Gallery

Cruz Bay, St John 00830, USVI
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Every snorkeler wants to see turtles. On more touristy islands, resort operators feed the animals to keep them in a certain area, but on St. John the turtles go where they want. If you want to see them you have to find them. I didn’t actually see one until my 4th trip to the island at a little roadside beach not particularly known for turtles. I was really excited to get my first turtle pictures!

The next year, I was back on St. John again with additional family members this time. My daughter and I got up early and finally figured out the secret of how to find the turtle herd. We followed them for an hour or so as they grazed in the turtle pastures of sea grass. Then we had to go back again the next day because the other two members of our party wanted to see the turtles too! That was when it finally dawned on me that watching turtles is a lot like watching cows, except that cows don’t have to come up for air every 20 minutes. So then we started taking pictures of each other.
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by anitaj


Great pictures, funny story

by yogagirl


Great story! Those turtles don't do much, but they're cool :)

by chrisefird


Awesome pictures! Swimming with the turtles is amazing!

by drw219


very cool!!

by yogagirl


Nice to see you featured here, too - congratulations!!

by setdarrenablaze


That's some dedication to see some turtles! Hilarious.

by andreas


Great photos! Sounds like your whole family had a great time :-)

by bethh1902


I love snorkeling, and finding a turtle is a definite plus! Great pics!

by RockyCMXCIX


You cracked the turtle code! Thanks for sharing the info.

by Heath1


Thanks for the info. The family will be there in two years.

by jorbrenner


I love being around huge turtles, unles they are snapping turtles.

by scb1012


Looks like a great trip!

by KauaiHawaiiGuy


Nice photos, nice place. So what kind of shark was that , that appeared to have a washboard on it's head?

by dreamshark


@kauai, it's a remora, not a shark. They clamp onto turtles (and sharks) with that sucker on top of their heads and travel along with them to eat scraps.

by AndyMarcia


Nice underwater shots!