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St. Augustine Cemetery

Ossining, NY, United States
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Chances are if you have read enough of my stories, you have seen at least one about a cemetery! I love to wander in cemeteries for several reasons - it's usually quiet, there's usually good nature-watching, and there's always so many interesting stories to ponder about the lives of the people who came to be buried in that place, and what the place might say about our changing world. The St. Augustine Cemetery in Ossining is flanked by a fairly major local road (route 9A), and I imagine when this Catholic cemetery opened, it was a much less trafficked space. The older section of the cemetery is very Irish, with headstones noting the county in which the person was born (Dublin, Limerick, etc.); newer headstones have Italian and Hispanic surnames.
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St Augustine Cemetery
A Catholic cemetery with a couple of distinct sections, 19th century onward.


Hot dog truck
Worth noting because the truck parks there every single day!

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