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Squeezing Under the Sunshine Skyway

Terra Ceia, FL, United States
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The Sunshine Skyway Bridge is viewed as a symbol of Florida, and is an architectural marvel. In total, it covers over four miles in length, with the longest span between supports being 1200 feet. It carries four lanes of I-275, which at this point also serves US route 19. It connects Pinellas County to Manatee county, spanning the mouth of Tampa Bay in the process. However, the bridge was made before modern mega cruise liners, and without much thought to their potential future existence. With a air draft (space between the water’s surface and highest point of the bridge) of 180 feet, most newer/modern cruise ships cannot squeeze under here. The Carnival Paradise, a Fantasy Class ship, is just about as big a ship as can fit under here. Check out how close the whale tail comes to the structure.
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