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Spicy Pie is not spicy

West Fargo, ND, United States
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This is a hip, artsy pizza place where you order at the counter. Don’t let the name Spicy Pie fool you, their pizza is not spicy at all! In fact I thought if was kind of blah. But the Slices are huge! (as shown in the photo) And my son loved it! But it is inexpensive and fun to look at all the decorations and creativity put into the place. One of my beefs about downtown Fargo is there aren’t many place you can take your kids to eat. Most are 21+ establishments. And it kind of sucks when you sit down to find out you have to leave because it’s a bar. So if you go downtown with kids this is one of the places you can eat at. Spicy pie has locations in Fargo and West Fargo, ND
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Spicy Pie Pizza | Downtown Fargo
Spicy Pie Pizza | Downtown Fargo
This is the downtown Fargo location and the flagship restaurant. There are 3 in the region.
Spicy Pie Pizza West Fargo
Spicy Pie Pizza West Fargo
Located in West Fargo, not far from Fargo is a great place to eat with kids.

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