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Las Vegas, NV, United States
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Red Rock Canyon is a must do when in Vegas area. They have awesome hiking trails and rock climbing. If that's not your thing then simply take a drive through the park. We've done several of the trails in the past. This trip we did Ice Box Trail. It was a blast and quite the adventure! We were there in February so the water was running. There were some areas with a little ice and snow. The snowmelt stream was flowing pretty good then. I think it would be very different experience in the summer when it's dried up. We had to jump rocks, climb over rocks etc. I'm under 5 ft.tall and needed help getting over some of the rocks. Jumping the rocks can be a bit challenging if you have short leg span also. My feet got wet a few times. Icy cold water. Lots of families and even dogs on this hike.
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