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Somebody's Watching Me

Grand Junction, CO, United States
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Heading out in the late evening from Canyonlands National Park, I put the pedal down to make the 2 hour drive to Grand Junction before it got too late to find some dinner. I had booked a pet friendly AirBnb for the overnight that had good reviews and a good price. It was situated in an old Victorian era home in the historic part of downtown Grand Junction. After being met by the hosts and some friendly conversation, they led me to my room for the night. It was a neat and quaint old space in the Victorian, with a full bath ensuite. Decorated and furnished in period pieces with the typical high ceilings, it had some character at no extra cost. Having recently been subjected to some binge watching of shows like "Haunting of Hill House" by my spook obsessed wife and daughters, I'll have to admit that I thought about that show when I closed the door for the long night ahead. But what really got me was this set of portraits decorating one of the walls looking over the bed. I'm not sure that I had ever seen any quite like them, as they appear to be period portraits of children's dolls. That's just a little spooky in my book! I managed to get some sleep, but not without creating some movie scenes in my own mind about those dolls suddenly making their way out of the old oval frames to wreak havoc on my exposed neck and head, lol.
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