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Socca and Rose is the Perfect Combination!

Nice, Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur, France
11 Kudos
We loved this place! We came on our first night in Nice to try the socca and we were not disappointed. Best place in Nice for socca which is chickpea flour and olive oil pancakes cooked in a wood fire oven. At first, the menu confused us because we weren't sure what socca actually was and why everything was so cheap!! However the food we got was delicious. They don't make reservations here so come early and by about 8 pm there was a line going down the street!

Socca is like a pizza made from chickpeas. Nothing beats the brick oven where they make the socca in as it's not only fresh and piping hot and it leaves the top crust a nicely charred flavor. Do yourself a favor and try it with a bottle of rose. The best combination ever.
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