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It was an overcast day with spots of sunshine popping thr...

Hamilton Island, QLD, Australia
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We booked 2 excursions with Cruise Whitsundays one of which was A Great Barrier Reef Adventure: This was another full day excursion from Hamilton Island for us. Like our excursion with them the day before, check-in was quick and easy since we arrived early. And again, it was an overcast day but cleared up for a bit once we got there. The boat was clean and comfortable. It took about 2 hours to get out to the reef and the captain warned it may be choppy in the open water but it wasn't bad at all. Once we were on our way you could purchase additional things to do like the helicopter tour or scuba diving. We chose not to do that and now we do regret that. We are strong swimmers and are used to snorkeling. They had a guided snorkel tour and we wish we would have done that. The area where we were allowed to snorkel was so packed with people that we were getting hit with flippers or just plain run into. A lot of the group stayed together so we would just swim to the far end to get away from the crowd. The guided tour went outside of that area. Lunch was a buffet with a few different options. It was good and filling. After lunch we still had some more time to snorkel. We thought it was well worth the money and the only thing we'd change is doing that guided snorkel.
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