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Snorkeling in Mallorca

Palma, PM, Spain
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From the port of call in Palma we took a tour bus to the near by yacht club to board a catamaran for a day of snorkeling. There were about 75 or so people on board but surprisingly we felt like we had a comfortable amount of space to sit and look out at our surroundings. From the club it was a 45-60 minute ride to Punta Negra, the cove that we would be snorkeling and sunbathing in for the day. The water was crystal clear and deceivingly deep where we dropped anchor. Unlike other beaches I have been to this area had white sand, out in the deeper water, surrounding patches of thick grass, seagrass I learned later. Closer in towards the beach the white sand turned to white pebbles and the entire beach area was pebbles, making it harder to walk around and explore. Near the coast of the rocky walls surrounding the cove was boulders covered in coral and sea urchins tucked in crevices. The fish here were a lot darker in color as opposed to the tropical ones of Hawaii, they blended in well with their surroundings. There were a good bit of jellyfish out in the deeper water where the catamaran was and thanks to my go pro I was able to get some great pictures. Even on the ride back to the yacht club we saw tons of jelly fish floating around in deeper water!
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Palma de Mallorca Airport
Airport of Palma, Mallorca, an easy flight from Barcelona or other parts of mainland Spain
Balearic Sea
Sea surrounding the Balearic islands of Spain, Mallorca, Minorca, Ibiza
Badia de Palma
Route by cruise ship into the port city of Palma


The St. Regis Mardavall Mallorca Resort
5-star resort of Punta Negra has a view of the snorkeling cove below
H10 Punta Negra
Resort style hotel that you can see above the cove while swimming
Cala Punta Negra
Hotel and resort that you can see up above from the cove

Points of interest

City center of Palma, shopping, restaurants, hotels and Mallorca cathedral here
Son Caliu
Neighboring town / village to Punta Negra area of Mallorca
Cala Major
Beach and tourist area in Palma, nice beaches and clear water
Catedral de Mallorca
Gothic Roman Catholic cathedral in Palma, Mallorca, by Antoni Gaudi
Plaça Major
Shopping square in Palma, small shops and restaurants to browse thru
Smallest and most southern of the Balearic islands of Spain
Another of the Balearic islands to the south of Mallorca
Another of the Balearic Islands to the north of Mallorca
Island of Mallorca also referred to as Majorca, Balearic Island
Port of call for cruise ships in Mallorca island of Spain
Port of call for our cruise ship, we took a tour bus from here
Punta Negra
The cove that we stopped at for a few hours of snorkeling and sun bathing


Restaurante Flanigan
Expensive restaurant over looking the water, watch the boats and yachts while you eat
Mood Beach Bar & Restaurant
Bar and restaurant near the Punta Negra resort area overlooking the water

Special activities

Aquarium near the coast on Mallorca, near the resorts and Punta Negra snorkeling area
Pesca Atardecer (Barracuda y Pez Roca a Spinning)
Place of worship on the opposite side of the cove cliff side from resorts
Arabella Spa Mallorca
Spa resort that can be seen above the Punta Negra cove
PETER Diving Baleares, S.L.
Diving and swimming rental and club center above Punta Negra
Palma Royal Nautical Club
Yacht club the tour bus took us to, boarded the catamaran here

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Great shot!

by ker_wei


Stay away from that jellyfish.

by veswan


awesome pic, brilliant snap

by h_preece


Great picture! Hope you didn't get stung!

by glennlaz


Great photo! Did you use a gopro?!

by skling425


Yes! GoPro Hero3+, best investment I have ever made!