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Sleeping Chief Mountain

Alberta, AB, Canada
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Sleeping Chief Mountain is located in Waterton Lakes National Park and it gets its name from its appearance. Imagine the far right of the rock formation is a chin and then you can see the lips and nose. I was actually taking a picture of the damage from the recent fires in the park when our guide pointed out the formation. Our guide also discussed the recent forest fires and the heroic efforts made by fire fighters from both Canada and the United States to save the town of Waterton and the Prince of Wales hotel. It is nice to know we can work together with our neighbors to the north in times of need.
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Waterton Cruises
This formation was pointed out to us by our guide with Waterton Cruises

Points of interest

Canadian Rockies
Sleeping Chief Mountain is one of the many beautiful mountains in the Canadian Rockies
Waterton Lakes National Park
Sleeping Chief Mountain is located within Waterton Lakes National Park

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