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Skagway - The Gateway to the Yukon

Skagway, AK, United States
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Most people I have talked to that have done an Alaskan cruise day that they don’t really like Skagway because there is “nothing to do”, but I beg to differ on this.The town of Skagway in and of itself, although an adorable gold rush town with some neat shops, is small and Only takes a couple hours to explore. However if you rent a car and drive outside the city, you will see some of the most incredible views. We generally go about 75 miles outside Skagway along the Klondike highway and it is probably the most beautiful drive I have been on. It goes through British Columbia and Yukon territories and the landscapes are otherworldly in some areas. We generally turn around at emerald lake and head back (I actually even got engaged at emerald lake on one of our trips!) but we have gone all the way to Whitehorse but the drive is far less scenic pAst emerald lake, so I would personally keep emerald lake as our turning point in the future.
If you don’t want to drive, the white pass railroad also takes the same route although shorter. So it also has great views!
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Points of interest

Carcross Desert
A tiny desert in the middle of all the mountains and lakes. Very cool to see
Carcross is a great place to stop for lunch, ice cream, and shopping along the drive. They also have an old general store that is very cool!
Tagish Lake
Tagish Lake
Another gorgeous overlook right off the side of the Klondike highway
Emerald Lake
Emerald Lake
One of the most gorgeous lakes I have ever seen!
White Pass
White Pass
Some of the best views are right past the border crossing!


Bites On Broadway
Awesome coffee shop that has really good mini donuts too!

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