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Silver Run - The Haunted Tunnel

Cairo, WV, United States
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The Silver Run Tunnel is arguably the most remote tunnel on the North Bend Rail Trail. You will have a roughly a 3 - 4 mile hike to the tunnel from either the east or west. The hike from Cairo to the tunnel is quite scenic.

The Silver Run Tunnel is perhaps most famous for its ghost stories. Many visitors and railroad engineers have reported seeing the “lady in white”. According to the legend, she would stand on the tracks, causing the engineer to apply the brakes. She would then vanish straight up into the air just before impact.

My most recent hike to the tunnel occurred on Halloween Night. This timing was not actually planned in advance. I was on vacation, I woke up, and I decided that the weather was perfect for a hike. Only after I arrived at the tunnel did I realize that it was October 31st.

This tunnel has always had a pleasant feel to it. I have never experienced any ghosts there. For some reason, the tunnel seems to be much colder than the other tunnels along the route. Haunted or not, it is a beautiful tunnel on a beautiful hike.
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Bank of Cairo
This building is no longer a bank, but it serves as the headquarters of the North Bend Rail Trail Foundation. It is a beautiful historic brick building immediately adjacent to the trail.


Shemp's Cafe was founded by a couple from Philadelphia. The Philly Cheese steak sandwich was outstanding! I have read that the cafe has moved to the Sleep Inn in Ellenboro, which is on the 4-lane Route 50. Chances are, this is a much more visible location. The Cairo location might have been less convenient for motorists, but it was a great stop for hikers. I will definitely try out the new location, which is also very close to the trail.

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