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Signal Hill Petroglyph

Picture Rocks, AZ, United States
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I love pre-historical landmarks or hint of early civilizations just like I love visiting various medieval and modern historical places. So, I am fascinated by petroglyph and wanted to visit petroglyph sites whenever I have a chance. In the Saguaro National Park, there is a petroglyph site which is very easy to visit. That is the Signal Hill Petroglyph. The site is located in the northwestern corner of the Saguaro National Park. Once you drive the Golden Gate Road on the northwestern section of the park, you can see a side road named Signal Hill Road. The Golden Gate Road is unpaved road but d condition is OK to drive. The Signal Hill Road is primitive gravel road and it is quite dusty when you drive. If you go all the way to the end, there is a picnic area. You can park your car in the picnic area and walk just a few minutes, then you can see petroglyphs on the rocks. These petroglyphs are known as those created by the Hohokam tribe.
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