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Shopping in Mong Kok East

Kowloon, Kowloon, Hong Kong
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Now on my own, what better way to spend the day than finding some good bargains at the markets and small shops located in East Mong Kok. I started off the morning walking along the closely clustered market stalls for souvenirs to gift friends and family back home. Some of the prices are fixed while others are open for negotiation and typically the more you buy from one shop, the more vendors are willing to negotiate. After putting these gift items back at the hotel, I headed to Argyle Centre Shopping Mall -- a three storey shopping center mainly selling women's clothes, handbags, shoes and accessories. The downside was as lots of clothes are only one size/free size Asian standard, people over a US size 6 might have limited choices. Moreover, some shops sell export leftovers -- this is where I saw find more varied sizes more suited for the western build. I had to bargain hard at Argyle Centre Shopping Mall.
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One Dim Sum
A simple, budget friendly Dim Sum restaurant. It's good value means long queues.


Mong Kok Road
Mong Kok Road
A shopper's paradise for various items and souvenirs such as clothes, key chains, cutlery etc.
Argyle Centre
Many locals shop here and they jacked up offer prices to me because I'm a foreigner.
Mong Kok Market
A shopper's paradise for lower end items, souvenirs and gifts.

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