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Shark Feeding on Bora Bora

Vaitape, Leeward Islands, French Polynesia
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One morning on Bora Bora we rode in a motorized outrigger canoe out to the atoll reef to feed the sharks. When we got to the reef, the guide jumped in the water, set up a rope and threw in some blood and fish to attract sharks. Then all us guests were invited into the water also, because of course, one little rope floating in the water would keep you safe from a shark. But anyway, most of us were crazy enough to follow the guide into the water. Two or three sharks came along and the guide would occasionally throw a piece of meat into the water and a shark would grab it and eat it. We tourists watched under water with a snorkel mask. A lot of other fish were attracted by the meat, too. It was great seeing them swarm and the sharks and the guide's food basket. These included yellow striped angel fish and some really pretty blue-green ones with pink stripes. At one point the guide was showing off a bit and grabbed the shark's fins and got taken for a short ride. After a little time to walk around the atoll reef, we took the speed boat all the way around Bora Bora on the way back. Jumping in the water with the sharks seemed pretty crazy at the time, but it was thrilling and a unique experience.
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Motu Piti A'au
One of the beautiful atolls surrounding the island of Bora Bora.

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