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Shark Cage

Cape Town, WC, South Africa
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Cape Town, South Africa is considered the great white capital of the world, primarily due to the water conditions from the two oceans meeting, and because of the abundance of seals and even some penguins. We did a cage diving trip with one of the many organizations that offer this in Cape Town. Absolutely an incredible experience that any thrill seekers should try if given the opportunity. Even for those not going in the cage it is still a great trip to see these animals up close. While the trip is not cheap, if you are someone who is spending a lot of money to travel to an area like Cape Town, it is a bit more understandable to spend the type of money for once in a life time opportunities.
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by seanpmccaffery


@Ed4000 I did see that after we had done it. I must admit prior to that video I never would have thought it possible.

by Ed4000


I'd do it! But had second thoughts after seeing this :\ ...