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Shareshill post office & community shop

Shareshill, England, United Kingdom
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The Shareshill (pronounced “shares hill”) post office and community shop is what makes Shareshill the cutest little English village I’ve ever seen. Apparently, the old post office was going to close, but it is being kept alive by one very dedicated townsperson. If you catch them when they’re open (normal post office hours), you will be greeted by the jovial old shopkeeper and the chatty post office lady, and you can send your mail, do some banking or exchange currencies, and browse the shelves for whatever they have decided to stock today. When I visited, they had a small variety of fruits and vegetables, some household essentials like canned food and toilet paper, and hand-made British specialties like pork rolls and pasties, and even an entire apple pie for 2.40 pounds. The prices are all fantastic, and it is fairly impressive how much useful stuff this tiny little shop stocks. If you’re nearby, it’s worth a wander.
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