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Shanghainese Marriage Advertisement in People's Park

Shanghai, Shanghai, China
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I remember I read news article about fairly unique and somewhat shocking Shanghainese marriage advertising, but when I visited Shanghai, without any intention, I entered into the People's Park and I went right into the marriage advertising corner of the park. There were endless rows of umbrella and on each umbrella was laminated paper which shows marriage advertisement. One I looked at is that it seems to read in my very limited Chinese as "Female, born in Dec. 92, height, weight, graduated from Fudan University (the most prestigious university in Shanghai and one of the best in China), family background (medical doctor parent), Want a single male with such and such height, at least college graduate, once marry must live separately from parents. Call a number .... (father)". It was somewhat shocking to me when I realized what I just read, and it was so unreally real. It was amusing to read those advertisement and I could not stop sampling a few more.
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