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Shake Me Like A Salt Shaker

Valley Head, AL, United States
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After getting our sun fix down at the Gulf, we packed up the old RV, and decided to spend our remaining vacation days somewhere new. We settled on heading to the northwest Georgia area, south of Chattanooga to compliment the beach with a little mountain action. The most direct route from the south to this area is up good old Interstate 59. It had been a few years since I had been on 59, so I had forgotten how much fun it is to pull a travel trailer on this bumpy, chopped up, poor excuse for a highway. If you can see in the photo I took with the truck bucking up and down, there's lines across the road about every 20 feet or so. For whatever reason some roads seem to be poured in sections like that instead of being a smooth and continuous surface. In a normal vehicle, this is generally nothing more than a nuisance. But pulling a travel trailer? It's awful. Something about the up and down motion of each axle hitting those cracks begins some kind of harmonic wave action where the whole rig starts jumping up and down, making it feel like it's all about to come apart in a massive explosion of fiberglass and cheap plywood. Once we crossed the Georgia state line, it was boom, smooth as glass. It's not necessarily an Alabama thing though, because we've seen the same thing happen entering Alabama from other states, where Alabama's road was really smooth after a particularly bad road section. I think it's a cheap shot at the other state most likely when possible. I don't know why they build roads like this anyways, even when redoing them, they'll often do the same thing, while others are put down smooth. But then again, I'm no road engineer, just a nervous RV owner, with the steering wheel in a death grip, and plenty of curses on the lips as I have to slow down to 45 while traffic is hammering down past me at 80+. Makes that first beer once we're at the campground a lot better at least, that's for sure.
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by gefe57


HaHaHa! That road sounds like a California road minus the pot holes.