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Seoul is easy to visit

Seoul, South Korea
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Before coming here we were told it is easy to get around Seoul without knowing any Korean. Well, it's true, Seoul has done a great job making it easy to be a tourist. First off, the subway stations have maps with Latin script and many signs in English. The subways themselves even announce stops in English. There are information booths all over with maps and brochures. Also, there are many people whose job is to walk around with a pocket full of maps, exclaiming to people who don't look Korean, "Hello! Tourist information!" I must add that it is very easy to get your caffeine fix. In one city block alone we saw about 10 coffee shops and stands. There was Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts, but also a lot of seemingly Western brands I haven't seen before like Hollys Coffee and Tom N Toms Coffee. I'm pretty sure this city has more coffee shops per capita than any where else I've been!
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A canal restored in 2005 creating a green ribbon through the center

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