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What a nice stop! Great location and views for enjoying a...

Sedona, AZ, United States
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I never thought I could fall in love with a city! This place is just magical! I loved every bit of it.
Even driving to the supermarket is stunning; the red rocks are gorgeous. Its like being on a different planet!
My father and I took a father/daughter trip to Arizona this summer and what an amazing time we had! We went up to the Grand Canyon and then drove down to the magical city of Sedona! The drive was relaxing and beautiful!
- Hiking up Cathedral Rock for sunset was amazing; a must see!! This hike was a little more strenuous so be sure to pack water (maybe a snack), a flashlight/headlamp and give your self plenty of time before sunset to get up there. I would also advise to leave right before the sun completely sets to give yourself some natural light to see when you're climbing down.
- WIND TUNNELS!! A local woman reluctantly told my father and I about a "secret/local" spot, where we found wind tunnels! It was so unreal...You could literally walk past it and not know it was there. But once you see it, its amazing. Beautiful tunnels carved from the wind blowing. We lucked out and saw 2 people deep in one of the tunnels playing some music and singing. I felt like it was a movie. We also hiked down and came to a cool river, so we sat for a while and had some lunch. I was even brave enough to go into the cold water! What a magical day!
- Amitabha Peace Park was very spiritual and beautiful. At first I wasn't too sure about going here but once I was there I could truly feel the calm and the peace. We didn't spend a ton of time here but you definitely could spend the day here. (bring lunch or snacks) I would love to go back and just relax and walk around more. We left a token at one of the statues for our beloved dog who passed. I wish we brought something meaningful but I didn't know. We just left some coins, anything we can find in our pockets :)
- Tlaquepaque Village & The Secret Garden: Shopping at the Tlaquepaque Village was nice! Again, we didn't have much time there. Everything except a couple of restaurants, closes fairly early there. I would like to go earlier one day and walk around and check out more of the shops and galleries. We had a meal at The Secret Garden! I would highly recommend this place! Fresh, delicious food and tasty sangria! Great way to end an amazing day!
- Chapel of the Holy Cross was so nice! A church built within the rock! I am not a religious woman, but you need not be! It was a beautiful church, but they welcome anyone and any religion. Again, you can just feel the peace there. Great gift shop too!
-Creekside Coffee and Bakery was a nice stop! Great location and views for enjoying a nice cup of joe and a piece of cake!
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