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Secluded Beach in Martinique

Sainte-Anne, Le Marin, Martinique
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After we went to one of the more touristy beaches in Sainte Anne on the French island of Martinique, we were looking for a more secluded beach since the ones we found weren't really up to our standards. Our friend had done research about a remote beach that was off the beaten path. That was putting it lightly. We had to drive on VERY bumpy and muddy roads and I was convinced our small car was going to get stuck. We even reached a chain across the road and one of our friends got out to try and move it, but a man came out of a house and was charging a toll. Not sure that the government in Martinique knows about this, but we paid him 5 euros and continued on our way. The drive was DEFINITELY worth the effort. The beach was essentially empty and was amazingly gorgeous. This part of the Atlantic was very wavy and was fun to wade in. The sand was amazingly white and the beach went on for at least a couple miles.
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