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Seal Colony at Ytri Tunga Beach

Staðarstaður, Iceland
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We visited the Ytri Tunga Beach after reading that it was one of the most reliable places to spot seals in Iceland. We were the only people on the beach which was a nice surprise. Next to the parking area, there was a sign that had seals on in with information but no English translation. I believe it was information about grey seals which i assume is the type of seal in the picture. We spotted two seals in total and they were having a good time swimming around. We did see seals on one other occasion at the Glacier Lagoon, but Ytri Tunga Beach was special because we were the only tourists around.
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Hótel Búðir
Hotel Budir is only about a 20 minute drive to Ytri Tunga Beach

Points of interest

Ölkelduvatn Mineral Spring
People like to stop here to try mineral water from the spring
Ytri Tunga
This beach is a good stop to look for seals

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by Botticelli


Lucky you, webbie20bb! When I visited, unfortunately I did not have time to go to the beach. I looked around the beautiful scenery at the Ytri Tunga along the Road 54 and moved.

by webbie20bb


There are so many places to see here you really have to pick and choose. We felt like we needed a month instead of 8 days.